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: Turn on the Positive-Thoughts of the Day, Vacate of the Negative-Mindset.

: Turn on the Positive-Thought of the Day

[Turn on the Positive-Thoughts of the Day and leave behind the Negative Mindset.]

[The Positive Thought of the Day starts with the power of the words you think and speak.

Negat-ive = No-Doing, Ban-Doing.

Words have meaning or Power and what words you use show this:

Are you incredible or Credible?

In-Credible = No/Not-Credible = No-Trust/Heart.

Cred-ible = Trust/Heart-Worthy.

Cred-it = Belief/Trust/Heart-Thing/This.

Be-lief = With-Care = With-Love.

So do those with a heart have a lot to Give or give Credit?  When we use our heart we give Value and Worth coupled with Trust and Love.  Love, Bright Future Outlook, and Trust go hand in Hand.

Positive Thoughts to Ponder on:

Gain positive outlook about life using correct words.

Are we going to Succeed, Exceed, or Proceed forward with our dreams?

Ex-Ceed = No-Yield.

Suc-Ceed = Af-Ter-Ceed = No-Terra-Ceed = No-Earth-Ceed = No-Earth-Yield.

Pro-Ceed = No-Yield.

Get connected with the Earth and gain your living goals.

Get back to nature and see what greater power comes to your thinking and volition.

Be Living, be strong, and control your negative thoughts and build your optimistic thoughts.

Create solutions and move forward from the fluency of the world trying to steer you off course.

SPELL-out Positive Thoughts for your Day.

Words can cast SPELLS. That why we call it spelling.

So, if we can manifest through our words, what we say out loud is crucial.


As the Four Agreements say, Be Impeccable with your Speech.

Now, let’s spell out the scenario.

How are you spelling out our life and manifesting it? Are you spelling out our day with complaints or praises?  Are you thinking and saying your positive thoughts out loud?

Spells can be Magic, a Curse, or a Solution to bringing Peace and a brighter Now and Future.  What Verse are you creating for your world?

Spells = Speak, Preach, Talk, Tell, Story, Saying, Tale, History, Magic.

Spelling = Spell-Now-Time.

Uni-verse= One-Verse= One-transform/translate/convert.


Curse = Swear = Blasphemous.

Cursive= Curse-Doing.

What kind of lifestyle are you creating? 

Are you stopping your positive self with Guilt, Debt or Denial?

Deny = No-Ny = No-No.

Guilt-y =  Debt-Full of a = Failure of a Duty-Full of a.

De-bt= No-Have.

Pro-Mise = Soon/Future-Mise[ry]= Future-Sorrow..

Pro-Misar-y Note = Soon-Misery Note = Soon-Miser-Of Note. Soon-Sorrow-Of Letter/Mark/Sign.

Mise-ry= Wretch/Sorrow- Condition of a.

Best to live in the Now-Time and Space and stop with the negativity in your mind because it can SPELL-OUT-TROUBLES-AND-PROBLEMS for your life.

Live in the positive power of the now.
Be the authority on your thoughts, prayres and actions.

The Bad-guys are really good and casting their negative spells, lets not let them win, when the solution is so simple.

Even when the Villains try to curtail your thoughts, prayers and words, and get you to use cursive blasphemy, just remember that the more your performance is strong the more they will retreat just like they do for the Claimants of the website: & for : Postmaster-General: Russell-Jay: Gould. ]

~0 For the Turn on the Positive-Thought of the Day IS with the Stop of the Negative-Mindset.
~1 For the Power of the Word-Speak & Think IS with the Using by the Person-Manifesting.
~2: Negat-Ive= For the Lack-Doing, Ban-Doing.
~3 IS for the You-Credible or [In]Credible?
~4: In-Credible = For the Lack-Credible = For the Lack-Trust-Heart.
~5: Cred-Ible = For the Trust-Worthy or Heart-Worthy.
~6: Cred-it = For the [Be-]Lief-Thing, Trust-Thing, Heart-Thing.
~7: [Be-]Lief= With the Care = With the Love.
~8 IS for the Person with a Heart of the Giving or Credit?
~9 For the Heart-Person of Trust-Love-Worth-Value IS with the Bright-Future by the Loving-Trust-Giving.
~10 For the Morning-Positive-Thoughts of the Day-Pondering.
~11 IS for the [Suc]Ceed, [Ex]Ceed, or [Pro]Ceed with our Dreams?
~12: [Ex-]Ceed =: Lack-Yield.
~13: [Suc-]Ceed = For the [Af-]Ter-Ceed = For the Lack-Terra-Ceed = For the Lack-Earth-Ceed = For the Lack-Earth-Yield.
~14: [Pro-]Ceed =For the Lack-Yield.
~15 For the Positive-Thoughts of the Solution IS with the Earth-Goals by the Gaining-Sovereign.
~16 For the Nature of the World IS with the Peace-Volition by the Person-Connecting-Higher-Power.
~17 For the Solutions of the Fluence IS with the Trickery-Stop by the Strong-Building-Blocks-Thoughts.
~18 For the Positive-Thought of the Day IS with the Spelling by the Praise.
~19 For the Spelling of the Magic-Peace-Solution IS with the Lack of the the Complaining.
~20: Spells= For the Speak, Preach, Talk, Tell, Story, Saying, Tale, History, Magic.
~21: Spelling = For the Spell-Now-Time.
~22: Uni-Verse = For the One-Verse, Transform, Translate, Convert.
~23: [Re-]Verse = For the [A-]Gain-Verse For the Lack-Gain-Verse.
~24: Curse = For the Swear = For the Blasphemous.
~25: Curs-ive = For the Curse-Doing.
~26 For the Life-Style of our Creation IS with the Lack of the Guilt, Debt or Denial by our Volition.
~27: De-Ny = For the Lack-Ny = For the Lack-Lack.
~28: De-Bt = For the Lack-Having.
~29 For the Living in the Now IS with the Stop by the Making-[Pro-]Mises.
~30: [Pro-]Mise = For the Future-Mise[ry] = For the Future-Sorrow.
~31: [Pro-]Misar-Y-Note = For the Future-Misery-Note = For the Future-Miser Of a Note = Future-Sorrow Of a Letter, Mark, Sign.
~32: Mise-Ry= For the Condition of a Wretch, Sorrow.
~33 For the Now of the Moment IS with the Power By the Lack of the Future-Volition.
~34 For the Authority of the Truth-Stance IS with the Countbility by the Strong-Postmaster.
~35 For the Villains-Weakness of the Cursive-Blasphemy IS with the Knowledge-Performance By the Strong-Postmaster-Volition.
~36 For the Russell-Jay: Gould IS with the Memory-Minder by the Postmaster of the Strong-Volition-Winning.

5 thoughts on “: Turn on the Positive-Thoughts of the Day, Vacate of the Negative-Mindset.”

  1. I am in the positive naturally. I have no idea why but I always have been able to dis the negative. There are days that are harder than others but given time there is a shift from the negative to my positive. My story is one of strength. Being strong in mind, body and spirit protects your soul from the darkness of negative energy, thoughts and feelings. I am blessed.

  2. For This Claim Of This Quantum-Global-Postal-Treaty &: Savings-Clause-Treaty-Claim-Captain Is With This Sentence-Construction Of This Claimants-Vessel-Knowledge &: Sight Of The Factual-Conveyance-Vessel-Sentence With This Document-Contract-Claim-Vessel Of This Sentence With The Quantum-Now-Time-Grammar By This Port-Peace-Claim.

  3. For the Gratitude in clarity, Speaking with the Correctness of such [im]portance as Artist/ painter i feel image is the best… most positive expression i offer in my Now-Space as i learn mindful use of more correct grammar. For the Many Blissings in grant of the claim to the life. [en]thusiastic for Performances together and for my claimed vessel & cargo. Thank You ~
    :James-M: Malone.

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