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FOR THE SOLDIER’S-HEART. [ An elite cabal made up of globalist bureaucrats and bankers-and who knows who else-conjured up blood feuds and invisible enemies to

[ Imagine that you wake up, your mind starts flowing, and then you realize you have been on autopilot for a while. You had an

[Our health is at risk from the indoctrination plaguing the planet and the doctors and healers of the world have been targeted as well. This


FOR THE DOWNLOAD: TONE-SETTERS-PDF. For the Authorization of the Tone-Setters is with this Document-Publication by the Commander and Chief: Russell-Jay: Gould.  

[ARE YOU A DERELICT VESSEL]: FOREIGN-VESSEL IN THE DRYDOCK. [ All courtrooms worldwide are foreign vessels in drydock. When you walk into that courthouse you’ve

: entertainment-online.

[What is Television & Entertainment Mind-Control.  TV shows are stories, but more so a “Mythology of Thoughts” for your mind to replay later. Have you


[ Fiction Samples vs True Fact writing. ] [ On the bottom of the lawsuit your lawyer has you sign, it says something to this

: captain of a ship.

[ Captain of a Ship. Captain of my VESSEL. Who is the Captain of your Vessel? Just like a ship’s Chief Navigator or Helms master

: Turn on the Positive-Thought of the Day

[Turn on the Positive-Thoughts of the Day and leave behind the Negative Mindset.] [The Positive Thought of the Day starts with the power of the

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zombie apocalypse survival guide

[ Postmaster’s Survival Guide to the Fiction-Zombie-Apocalypse. ] By Sunny-Warrior. [ 8 Survival Tips for Postmasters during the fiction-Zombie Apocalypse. As Halloween fast approaches, and

positive outcome

[ Positive Outcome with Correct Sentence Structure.] [The world we live in can be quite negative at times.  This is because our language is created


: VOIDING OF THE CONTRACTS-CONTROLLING-MILITARY-VACCINES. [Everything in life comes down to the dotted line that you sign in a contract. They are the guidelines and


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: NOTE FROM THE CHIEF,: Hello-Quantum-Patriots, For the first-step in the QUANTUM-BANKING-SYSTEM IS with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT of your journey, but, WHY? In the year-~1999, UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Came-out of a third &: final: INTERNATIONAL

: Russell-Jay: Gould. As Featured in PIERCING DYNASTY,  Last-Flag-Standing & WAR-CASTLES [warcastles.com]. THIS IS A FILM ABOUT A REAL LIFE HERO.  : BACKGROUND:  [ The

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In the next day or so the Chief’s doc film will be public and you will get a watch link. Standby! Author : Sunny: Warrior.

: Greetings: Patrons, : Thank-you for your patience on my getting-back with a correspondences on your valuable-questions. : I’ve, been-very-busy on the coming-film: Last-Flag-Standing. :

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Hey Quantum Tribe. I should have a post from the chief in a few days. stay tuned thank you for your supportto him. so much