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positive outcome

[ Positive Outcome with Correct Sentence Structure.]

[The world we live in can be quite negative at times.  This is because our language is created on purpose to be negative.  For thousands of years lots of knowledge has been kept from the populace to keep you from being a very positive person in the now-time.

Negative words are with the creation of root words being modified with prefixes and suffixes to words.

If you have the True North of a compass then there is only one truth and that that is North.

If you modify this root word of North to be NorthEast (Suffix) or EastNorth (Prefix) then you are not going North anymore.  You now modifed your direction and are going somewhere else.

Root-Word =  North.

Pre-fix = EastNorth

         Suf-fix = NorthEast

Every day we speak so many words that are opinions and different from factual positive growth in our psyche.

What we think and speak becomes our Volition and direction in life. 

Just like if we go our True North we would be set astray with NorthEast or EastNorth.  So the Root of our troubles is the Root Word Modifications!

So, How Do We Beat the Negative & Posit the Positive Outcome?

Think about common things that you do in life.  Imagine you won the lottery and they sent you a check and you go to the bank.

You are thinking happy thoughts about what you can do with these funds.  Then you see something disturbing.  There is this word that takes the positive right out of your hands: Deposit.

Let’s probe the trickery:




What just happened?  De- means No as a prefix to the root word Posit.

So De-Posit means No-Posit or No-Posit-ive or No-Posit-ion.

You made No-Positive-Position so they gave you a Re-Ceipt.





You made No-Positive-Position or No-Authority with your Check-Contract so they separated you from your money and gave you nothing back because you are a dead vessel and no-knowledge of the Factual writing.

With No-Position you now have No-True-Claim to your own money and Native-Living-Sovereignty.

Create the Positive with a Positive Outcome Position.

The way to create a positive-position-space for your-self is to live with facts.  The way to create a fact is to make a prepositional phrase.  Do you remember those in school?

 [Pre]Position Article Noun.

Position Authority Known.

 Position Lodial Fact.

~1 Position = Space.

~2 Article= Who has this Space? = Authority = Lo-di-al = Location, Direction, Origin.

~3 Noun/Known/Fact.

~1 The Pre-Position word creates a Position or Space for the Fact/Known/Noun to be in.

~2 This space has an Authority with an article of A, An, The.

~3 Then with the Space and Authority created you can Position a Fact.

~Noun = Greek for Name that is Spoken.

~No-un = No-No.

~Pre=Before=Future-Time=No-Now-Time= No-Contract-Meaning-Word in the Now-Time.

We call it a Positional Phrase to get rid of the Pre- Prefix that modifies the word Position the puts it in the Past-Time instead of the Now-Time where we want to be.

What we want is a Fact which is a Knōn and Written.

Knōn , when spoken the way old 1800’s dictionaries write it, sounds like Noun.

Facts comes from the what is Knōn in a Positional Phrase.

K-Now-Ledge is what we are seeking.

K from Russian for the stopping of the No or Negation in the the word.  K-Now-Ledger.

Know-Ledge= Knowing-Fact or Condition.

When a Knōn is written with the Authority of an Positional Phrase it becomes a Fact.

When we do not have the positional phrase we just have Ad-verbs, Verbs, Ad-jective, Pro-nouns.

Dictionaries were written by judges and over time they modified the terms and truth to keep the people as chattel.  The proof lies within a simple word we see quite often.

A-Meri-Ca = No-Mercy-Sheep.

Just keep questioning words and figure out their meanings. Words and meanings over time got modified and we get lots of things to distort our factual truth.

Keep on the path of truth in your sovereign world.  Be a Live-Life claimant so that you can control your world and be in the Now-Time-Fact-Zone. ]

~0 For the Postive-Outcome of the Correct-Sentence-Structure IS with the World-Living by the Negative-Word-Times. For the Language of the Creating IS with the Purpose of the Negative-Word-Choice. For the Thousand-Years of the Knowledge IS with the Trickery by the Population-Void-Positive-Thinking.
~1 For the Negative-Fixing-Words of the Root-Words ARE with the Modification by the [Pre]Fixes & [Suf]Fixes.
~2 For the True-North of a Compass IS with the Truth of the North.
~3 For the Modification of the Root-Word-North IS with the North-East[Suf-Fix] or [Pre-Fix]East-North by the Wrong-Direction-Going.
~4: ~Pre-Fix=East-North.
~5: [  ]~Suf-fix=NorthEast.
~6 For the Speak of the Opinion IS with each Day of our Lives by the Lack of the Factual-Postive-Growth in our Psyche.
~7 For the Thinking & Speaking of our Volition-Thoughts IS with the Direction by our Lives. For the True-North-Modification of the North IS with the Wrong-Direction by the Postive-Outcome-Life.
~8 For the How of the Beating-Negative IS with the Creating of the Positive-Outcome.
~9: Thinking-Happy of the Money IS with the Winning by the Lottery. For the Check of the Funds IS with the Going by the Bank. For the Bank-Form of the Funds IS with the Negating-Words of the Positive by the Terms-[De]Posit. For the Probing of the Trickery IS with the Breaking of the Words.
~10: ~De-Posit.
~11: ~[ ]Posit-ive.
~12: ~[ ]Posit-ion.
~13 IS for the What-Happening? For the [De-][Pre-]Fix of the Root-Posit-Word IS with the Lack[-No-Meaning-Word] by the Posit.
~14: Lack of the Positive-Position IS with the [Re-]Ceipt by the Bank.
~15: ~Re-Ceipt.
~16: ~A-Gain-Ceipt.
~17: ~No-Gain-Ceipt.
~18: ~No-Gain-Take/Grasp.
~19: Lack of a Positive-Position or Authority IS with the Your-Check-Contract by the Separating of the You & Money. For the Separating of the Money IS with the Separating of the Dead-Vessel & Void-Live-Life-Fact by the Fiction.
~20: Lack of a Position IS with the Lack of a Claim of the Your-Money & Native-Living-Sovereignty.
~21: Fact-Positive-Creation of a Positive-Position IS with the Creating of a Positive-Position-Space by the Live-Life-Your-Self.
~22: Creating of a Fact IS with the [Pre-]Positional-Phrase by the Memory-Minder-[Pre]Position-Article-Fact[-Noun/Known].
~23: ~[Pre]Position-[A]rticle-Noun.
~24:[    ]~Position-Authority-Known.
~25:[    ]~Position-Lodial-Fact.
~26: [Pre]Position = Position = Space for the [Noun/Known/]Fact.
~27: Authority=[Article] For the Lo-di-al = Location, Direction, Origin. For the Lodial = For the Specific = A, AN, THE, OUR, THERE , THEIR, THESE, EACH.
~28: [Noun/Known/]Fact.
~29: Noun = For the Speaking-Word of the Greek = No-Un = No-No.
~30: Pre = [Before]Past-Time = No-Now-Time = No-Contract-Meaning-Word in the Now-Time.
~31: For the Position-Phrase of the Past-Time-[pre]Fix IS with the Void of the Now-Time.
~32: Facts of the Knowledge IS with the Writing of the Now-Time.
~33: Speaking of the Knōn IS with the Past-Time-Dictionaries by the Word-Sound-Noun.
~34: Knowledge = Seeking-Truth.
~35: Know-Ledge = Knowing-Fact or Condition.
~36: Dictionaries of the World ARE with the Writing by the Judges. For the Trickery of the Judges IS with the Secret by the Keeping-Blind-Chattle.
~37: A-Meri-CA= No-Mercy-Sheep.
~38: Truth of the Sovereign-World IS with the Life-Life-Claim-Now-Time-Facts by our Choices.