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[Entertainment-Online] : TV-Mind-Control & The Human-Vibration.

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[What is Television & Entertainment Mind-Control. 

TV shows are stories, but more so a “Mythology of Thoughts” for your mind to replay later.

Have you noticed when you watch a TV show or Movie how you will think of that movie later?  It could be an hour later or a day later, but your mind will replay something from that movie or show.

This shows that seeds are being planted in your mind by the commercial or show, and your mind is making them real for you in a thought or some kind of emotion your subconscious is holding on to.  It is a form of mind control that we don’t fully comprehend.

Just remember:

En-ter-tain-ment = No-Ter-Tain-Ment =No-Terra-Tain-Ment = No-Earth-Holding-Ment = No-Earth-Holding-In your Mind.

Mainstream media news follows scripted narratives to plant concepts in your mind and heart.  TV shows are like stories giving your mind a specific playground of thoughts for your mind to replay later.

The broadcasters keep people complacent and under their narrative so they don’t seek or gain more knowledge outside of it. 

They also feed you fiction grammar and no-contract words daily so you end up staying in a loop & a lie to yourself,  making you believe the world is one way when it truly is another way.

What Human Vibration is your TV entertainment keeping you at?

What Human Vibration Frequency are you at?

Are you full of Anger, Hate, Enemy-Thinking-Consciousness, Fear, Lack of Power in your life? 

Do you believe everything “they” feed you or do you question things a lot? 

Are you an Sovereign Thinker, Full of Life, Seeing the Solutions, Fighting for what you believe in,  Feeling the laughter, & Finding the Neutrality-Space-Peace in your life?

What are you projecting every day with your thoughts? 

What outcomes & manifestations are you creating Daily?

What if the Entertainment Online is manifesting their thoughts through you & affecting your health? Would you be concerned?

What if thoughts are things?

What kinds of thoughts & things are you letting in and out of your life?

Dr. Masaru Emoto had done some Science on if our thoughts have an effect on the world around us.

Here is a link for some of his findings:

With 2 simple jars with rice and  you can do this experiment.

On one write “: You-Fool.” on the other “: Thank-You.”. 

Every day for a month, stop for a minute and think the thought of the words written for the first Jar.  Then go to the next Jar and think the thought of the words written on the second jar.

In a month you will see a noticeable difference of the rice for each jar.  It has been done many times over with the same results. 

Neutral Space, Peace & Zen.

It is very helpful to create a peaceful, Zen-space to shield from negative influences and help amplify positivity from your environment & your mind.

It’s also practical and powerful to intentionally create a zen space around you wherever you go, so you don’t get angry over something you witness or participate in someone else’s negativity.  Best to practice your zen state often so you can stay in a peaceful neutral zen state of condition while you’re driving, at the grocery store, or out on the town…

Just thinking of this for yourself, can create a Bubble of Peace around you wherever you go.  

Anger and Peace can not mix.

Meditation and peaceful thinking have a strong effect on the whole community around you for miles, as well.

Only let Peace & Gratitude infiltrate your mind, space, body, frequencies, & energy.

Thoughts are Things.

Let’s focus on Peace and Harmony wherever we go.  Creating Joy, Abundance, Happiness, Peace, Strength of Character, & Safety Zones in the life you are Manifesting.]

~0 For the [En]Tertainment of the [on]Line & Televsion IS with the Mind-Bend by the Future-Memory.
~1 For the Seeds of a Show ARE with the Thought-Planting & Feelings-Planting by the Confusion-Creation.
~2: En-ter-tain-ment = For the No-Ter-tain-ment = For the No-Terra-tain-ment = For the No-Earth-Holding-Ment = For the No-Earth-Holding In your Mind.
~3 For the Volition of the Media IS with the Fake-Stories by the Knowledge-Fiction-Lies.
~4 IS for the Your-Frequency?
~5 For the Anger, hate, Enemy-Thinking-Consciousness, Fear, Lack of the power in your life IS with the Lack of the Solution, Life, Laughter, Neutrality, Peace, Sovereign-Thinker by the Your-Volition.
~6 Is for the Manifestion-Creation of the Your-Thoughts?
~7 Is for the Let-IN & Let-Out of the Thinking?
~8 For the Science of the Mind IS with the Doctor: Emoto by this Mind-Power-Link: ~
~9 For a Jar of the Rice IS with the Mind-[In]Fluence by the [Ob]Server.
~10 For the Power-Words of the Fool & Thank-You IS with the Separate-Jars by this Test.
~11 For the Thoughts of the Things IS with the Testing by the Mind on the Jars of this Test.