[ Imagine that you wake up, your mind starts flowing, and then you realize you have been on autopilot for a while.
You had an intense dream that your life is a story in a book you are creating daily.
Each choice you made in your mind created relationships & characters that came into this story. Some stories are old & some are new.
You created stories with your doubts & fears. These stories created problems for you to solve and internal peace to find.
So now you wake up in the dream realizing that you aren’t the creator of the book, but the character & author of the chapters.
You have been the author of your story that you have been living.
Your peace is what you create daily, your time is now, and you can’t hide in the future or past.
You are infinite and your connection to the world is what terms you make it.
Your book is your story and you now can change that story.
You spell the words and create the copy. You experience your truth and help that truth come out in others.
Your dream shows you that your life that was once unconsciously dead, is now living.
Your conscious mind is in control and your thoughts are things.
You can choose happiness and new positive outcomes that manifest now in each day.
You can now write a new chapter consciously.
You can now write a new world and experience a new sense of life.
You find peace unlike any other time in your life, because Now is the peace and Now is the time.
The dream is always now and the world is flowing within you.
You are the author of your own world.
That world is yours and yours alone to journey.
You are the master of your ship and the vessel that rides the sea of your conscious awareness.
You carry the Gold Heart of your soul and cargo treasures that build a journey no one else can travel but you. ]
~0 For the Imagining of the Waking State IS with the Mind-Flowing-Realization of the Autopilot with the Strong-Dream of the Story-Book with the Creation-Daili By the Dreamer.
~1 For the Choice of the Mind-Characters IS with the Old & New of the Doubts & Fears with the Peace by the Story-Teller.
~2 For the Creator of their Life IS with the writing of their Characters & Stories with the Chapters by the Story-Teller-Author.
~3 For the Living-Author of your Story IS with the Peace of the Now-Time-Daili-Creation with the Past & Future-Showing by the You.
~4 For the Connection of the World IS with the Terms by your Creation.
~5 For the Book of your Story IS with the Spelling of the Words & Truth & Copy with the writing by your Volition.
~6 For the Waking-State of your Dream IS with the Living of the Thought-Things & Positive-Manifestations with each Conscious-Day-Creation by your Now-Peace-Time-Author.

~7 For the Journey of your World IS with the Author & Master of your World with the Journey by the Gold-Heart-Treasure-You.


[Entertainment-Online] : TV-Mind-Control & The Human-Vibration.

: entertainment-online.

[What is Television & Entertainment Mind-Control. 

TV shows are stories, but more so a “Mythology of Thoughts” for your mind to replay later.

Have you noticed when you watch a TV show or Movie how you will think of that movie later?  It could be an hour later or a day later, but your mind will replay something from that movie or show.

This shows that seeds are being planted in your mind by the commercial or show, and your mind is making them real for you in a thought or some kind of emotion your subconscious is holding on to.  It is a form of mind control that we don’t fully comprehend.

Just remember:

En-ter-tain-ment = No-Ter-Tain-Ment =No-Terra-Tain-Ment = No-Earth-Holding-Ment = No-Earth-Holding-In your Mind.

Mainstream media news follows scripted narratives to plant concepts in your mind and heart.  TV shows are like stories giving your mind a specific playground of thoughts for your mind to replay later.

The broadcasters keep people complacent and under their narrative so they don’t seek or gain more knowledge outside of it. 

They also feed you fiction grammar and no-contract words daily so you end up staying in a loop & a lie to yourself,  making you believe the world is one way when it truly is another way.

What Human Vibration is your TV entertainment keeping you at?

What Human Vibration Frequency are you at?

Are you full of Anger, Hate, Enemy-Thinking-Consciousness, Fear, Lack of Power in your life? 

Do you believe everything “they” feed you or do you question things a lot? 

Are you an Sovereign Thinker, Full of Life, Seeing the Solutions, Fighting for what you believe in,  Feeling the laughter, & Finding the Neutrality-Space-Peace in your life?

What are you projecting every day with your thoughts? 

What outcomes & manifestations are you creating Daily?

What if the Entertainment Online is manifesting their thoughts through you & affecting your health? Would you be concerned?

What if thoughts are things?

What kinds of thoughts & things are you letting in and out of your life?

Dr. Masaru Emoto had done some Science on if our thoughts have an effect on the world around us.

Here is a link for some of his findings:

With 2 simple jars with rice and  you can do this experiment.

On one write “: You-Fool.” on the other “: Thank-You.”. 

Every day for a month, stop for a minute and think the thought of the words written for the first Jar.  Then go to the next Jar and think the thought of the words written on the second jar.

In a month you will see a noticeable difference of the rice for each jar.  It has been done many times over with the same results. 

Neutral Space, Peace & Zen.

It is very helpful to create a peaceful, Zen-space to shield from negative influences and help amplify positivity from your environment & your mind.

It’s also practical and powerful to intentionally create a zen space around you wherever you go, so you don’t get angry over something you witness or participate in someone else’s negativity.  Best to practice your zen state often so you can stay in a peaceful neutral zen state of condition while you’re driving, at the grocery store, or out on the town…

Just thinking of this for yourself, can create a Bubble of Peace around you wherever you go.  

Anger and Peace can not mix.

Meditation and peaceful thinking have a strong effect on the whole community around you for miles, as well.

Only let Peace & Gratitude infiltrate your mind, space, body, frequencies, & energy.

Thoughts are Things.

Let’s focus on Peace and Harmony wherever we go.  Creating Joy, Abundance, Happiness, Peace, Strength of Character, & Safety Zones in the life you are Manifesting.]

~0 For the [En]Tertainment of the [on]Line & Televsion IS with the Mind-Bend by the Future-Memory.
~1 For the Seeds of a Show ARE with the Thought-Planting & Feelings-Planting by the Confusion-Creation.
~2: En-ter-tain-ment = For the No-Ter-tain-ment = For the No-Terra-tain-ment = For the No-Earth-Holding-Ment = For the No-Earth-Holding In your Mind.
~3 For the Volition of the Media IS with the Fake-Stories by the Knowledge-Fiction-Lies.
~4 IS for the Your-Frequency?
~5 For the Anger, hate, Enemy-Thinking-Consciousness, Fear, Lack of the power in your life IS with the Lack of the Solution, Life, Laughter, Neutrality, Peace, Sovereign-Thinker by the Your-Volition.
~6 Is for the Manifestion-Creation of the Your-Thoughts?
~7 Is for the Let-IN & Let-Out of the Thinking?
~8 For the Science of the Mind IS with the Doctor: Emoto by this Mind-Power-Link: ~
~9 For a Jar of the Rice IS with the Mind-[In]Fluence by the [Ob]Server.
~10 For the Power-Words of the Fool & Thank-You IS with the Separate-Jars by this Test.
~11 For the Thoughts of the Things IS with the Testing by the Mind on the Jars of this Test.



[ Fiction Samples vs True Fact writing. ]

[ On the bottom of the lawsuit your lawyer has you sign, it says something to this effect:  You acknowledge and agree to the terms of this contract.

Yet, let’s take a look at the language your lawyer is deceptively using to get you to concur with a negative contract that says nothing and does nothing and is full of contradicting verbiage, right in front of your face.

First, your lawyer is loving for you to sign off on a contract that says nothing.

Let’s look at the words: Acknowledge and Agree. According to Noah’s dictionary of 1828, the prefixes A, when followed by two consonants, creates a negative condition.

Ac-know-ledge = No-know-ledge.
A-gree = No-Gree = No-Skill.
Therefore you’ll have no knowledge of what you are signing or what his contract is saying.
Worst of all, your lawyer is likely loving it when you provide your old strawman signature which shows your lack of knowledge. Plus, a cursive signature is as is root suggests, a CURSE.
Now, Let’s take a look at and break down the word “signature”:
Sig-Nature = Sign-Nature = Rescript-Nature = No-Script-Nature = Simulation of an Autograph.
In contrast let’s break down a positive contract word: Autograph:
Auto-Graph = Self-Graph = Self-Write.
Au-to-Graph = Gold-to-Graph = Gold-to-Write.
Your lawyer and the courts love that you are “signing” a piece of paper that is meaningless and that you have no knowledge or contract writing skills, and that you’re adding fuel to the fire when you scribble it into existence with a cursive-signature = curse. 
Now, if I I give you a Compass and said let’s go No-North Yesterday and Tomorrow.  Would that confuse you?  What Direction are we going?

This is a perfect example of how they write words with prefixes and suffixes in legal terms, contracts, and sentences.

Ultimately, this type of behavior and actions are what we call Fiction, Fake, or Fraudulent.

True Fact or Fiction Negative Conditions?

Most folks don’t know the difference between a Positive Condition of State and a Negative Condition of State, let alone how to write their own contracts.
1) All contracts are written in fiction because of their fraudulent grammar.
2) There are NO Now-Time Facts in the contracts of the courts because the language is deceptive, fictional, and laden with no/negative contract words that void contracts.
3) Fictional Contracts are written in the Past or the Future or with words that have NO as their prefixes or suffixes.

True Fact = Fiction does not exist.

Is Government fiction?  It exists but is based on a Society of people without the knowledge.  They use fraudulent grammar & words in their laws & legislation. Most governments write in fiction and use trickery of language to harvest you and keep their agenda going.
Govern-Ment= Control-Ment= Control-Your Mind.
Ex-Ist = No-Ist = No-IS = No-Now-Time.
  • The Bankruptcy in the United States ended in the year 1999.  Russell and his Partner beat their bankruptcy as Living Claimants.
  • He showed that he is Living and Claimed the Title 4 Flag.  He went as far as to Copyright the Flag with the correct Parse-Syntax-Grammar.
  • He then created the ‘Unity-States of our World’ Country/Corporation in 2001.  This is a claim on the courthouses of the whole world as his country.
  • On October 4 2004 the judicial system got shut down by Chief Russell with his claims.
  • Most of the world was getting out of Bankruptcy by this time and he controlled the courts as his country.
  • This started the 12th December 2004 martial law worldwide because the governments did not want to move from the Fiction to the Factual Quantum Language.
  • Canada Bankruptcy ended on 2017 and Australia on 2019 with Claimants on those flags and Countries.
  • You will see Martial Law in all the countries in the world with symbols such as the Spike on top of a Flag.
The governments of the world did not want to tell the truth, give up their fake power, and begin to use the Quantum Grammar.
Basically, they didn’t want to give the Sovereign-Nativity-Power to the people!  They want to stay fake, point their guns at the people, and harvest their Money-Equity in courts with their lack of knowledge.
Remember that the United States is in the Past-Time and the rest of the Governments are of the Fiction one way or the other.
They want to harvest you by you confessing to ignorance and then they have you walk into their slaughter.
The courts are closed, be careful. ]
~0 For the True-Fact-Closure of the Courts-Close IS with the Knowledge by the People.
~1 For the Lawsuits of the Courts IS with the Fake-Fiction-Writing-Claims by the Governments.
~2: [Ac]Know-Ledge= For the Lack of the Know-Ledge.
~3: [A]Gree = For the Lack of the Gree = For the Lack of the Skill.
~4 For the Fraud of the Signature IS with the Curse & Simulation of an Autograph.
~5: Auto-Graph = For the Self-Graph= For the Self-Write.
~6: Au-To-Graph = Gold-To-Graph = Gold-To-Write.
~7: Contracts of the Lack-Knowledge-Writing-Curse IS with the Fiction-Fake-Fraud by the Lack-Wisdom-Claim-People.
~8: Courts of the Docks ARE with the Lack of the Now-Time-Facts by the [Suf]Fixes & [Pre]Fixes of the Word-Claims.
~9: Lack of the Fact IS with the Fiction-Writing of the Government-Harvesting.
~10: Govern-Ment = For the Control-Ment= For the Control-Mind.
~11: [Ex]Ist = For the Lack-Ist= For the Lack-IS = For the Lack-Now-Time.
~12: Bankruptcy of the Unit[ed]-States-End IS with the Year-Nineteen-Ninty-Nine.
~13: For the Live-Life-Claim of the Title-Four-Flag IS with the Flag-Patent by the Russell’s-Parse-Syntax-Grammar.
~14: Unity-States of our World IS with the Company-Country-Courts-Claim of the Year-Two-Thousand-One by the Russell-Jay: Gould.
~15: Court-Closure of the Russell-Jay: Gould IS with the Fourth of the October-Year-Two-Thousand-Four.
~16: Martial-Law of the World-Wide-Start IS with the Twelfth of the December-Year-Two-Thousand-Four by the Lack of the Government-Quantum-Movement.
~17: Canada-Bankruptcy-Closure & Australia-Bankruptcy-Closure of this World IS with the Two-Thousand-Seventeen & Two-Thousand-Nineteen by the Postmasters.
~18: Nativity of the People IS with the True-Power by the Live-Life-Claims!
~19: Unit[ed]-States of the World IS with the Past-Time by the Grammar-Words.
~20: Knowledge of the Claims IS with the Power by the People!

: Captain of a Ship. For the Helms-Master of a Ship.

: captain of a ship.

[ Captain of a Ship. Captain of my VESSEL.

Who is the Captain of your Vessel?
Just like a ship’s Chief Navigator or Helms master gives the commands to steer his VESSEL, you need to steer your body-vessel. And if you don’t control your BODY or VESSEL then who will?
A popular old TV show that demonstrates the concept of moving vessel to vessel is ‘Quantum Leap’, as well as the movie, ‘Being John Malkovich’.  Each show deals with a BODY as a VESSEL and the question of who is the Captain of this Vessel?
The system we live in is a giant behavioral study based on lies, fears, and creating division spurred by various government structures around the globe. These systems are seeking more power and control than ever, so controlling our own vessels has become more important than ever.
Let’s look at gambling as a way to comprehend control and behavioral strategies. As a consistent rule in favor of the house, gambling comes down to 85% Lose, 15% Win. But, gamblers are ok with this and continue to gamble. It’s psychologically justifiable to them. As long as gamblers have a 15% chance of winning, they will accept loosing 85% of the time.  Interestingly it is proven that Insurance companies work off this same concept too in their payout structure.

The strength of a Captain of a Ship is with the Leadership of their Vessel.

Who is your Captain?  You or the Government?

Our current government actors are like chameleons.
They know they do not exist but lie about it unless you are firm in your volition. They hide behind an illusion like the Wizard in the Wizard of OZ.
They want power over your family, your money, and your personal Vessel.
They are in martial law changing rules and terms in a blink of an eye.
They know they are fake and try and use the illusion of government to strike fear in humankind.
Our strength is in numbers and with knowledge of people coming together as a strong force, can halt everything they do.
If enough people complain, they have to do something to appease the people or people will figure out they are a lie.
This happened when the Diesel prices got too high in 2008 and the truckers came together as a strong force/consensus and stopped driving.  The price of oil started to go down because of the strength of numbers and force of the truckers.
The squeaky wheel always gets fixed. Only this time the whole system must change once and for all. 
If we act as a unit-undivided, governments and politicians know they will have to succumb to our will.
Our thoughts become words, then a performance.
Just like if everyone stops driving at once. They would lower gas prices quickly because the fiction doesn’t want people to see through their veil of fakeness.

They are completely about control and keeping control of your mind as much as possible so there is comfort in knowing you control your mind.

A Captain of a Ship with Division is a Broken ship.

The way fiction controls your life is to create FEUDS.
Remember in your history books about Feudal Lords and the Feudal system? They were always at war.
Feud = Hatred, Hostility.
In our Now-Time they create social controversy and division between races and social classes so they strip us of our native power.
Divide us to keep us weak because as One Force as Truth we are strong with our mind and volition. 
The divisive game they play is with knowledge, it lacks honor, dignity, and integrity. It also plays off social-economic status and language trickery.
Fortunately, the more the system is rigged to be fake and divide the people it makes people think about the main agenda.
Forcing division ultimately causes strength and control by its opposition.
Joinder causes strength in the people, and weakness in the Government.
It is here in the Definition:
Govern-Ment=To Control-Your Mind.
Control your own Mind and Vessel as it’s Helms master and they lose this control over you.

Some things are Material like a Ship and are a Fact.

Log, Journal, Teeth = Physical-Things with correct grammar = Facts.
Dent-ure= Tooth-Mingling.
In-dent-ure servant= No-Tooth-Mingling Servant.
Pre-si-dent= No-Simulation-Tooth = No-Simulation-Tooth.
Negative State of contracts is the Fictional Fraud we face right now with our Governments.
They love for you to be in Dis-Closure so that you never have a Solution or Closure.
Some celebrities have tried to tell us that the governments don’t care about us. One celebrity was Michael Jackson with the song ‘They Don’t Care About Us’. 
There are many clues to the state of the world.
So this is your Choice.  Join the Truth of Knowledge and be the Captain of your Ship or have no knowledge and let the world run your ship for you. 
You have a choice: following the Fiction against your own Volition, or you take back your power.
You can be the cowardly lion or be strong in your volition until they submit to the facts.
People look for a Hero but the Hero is in each one of us.  We need to command the wish to be native, living, and control our own claims and lives.
We can do this with a Claim of the Life which pulls us out of the Birth Certificate System. The Birth Certificate system is their system. A Harvesting mechanism to control you. 
: Russell-Jay: Gould. made a safety net with the Claim of the Life system to create our own little worlds on this planet, to stop the fiction from dictating our lives and mandating poisons. 
We should each be controlling our own worlds as Postmasters and making our own claims and choices, but the Fiction stronghold is fierce. 

This system Gould created lets us control our own world or be the Helms-Master of our own ship.  Through each person creating their own world is with the path for everyone’s freedom.


~0: Captain of a Ship.
~1: Captain of the My-VESSEL.
~2: Chief-Navigator of a VESSEL.
~3: Helms-Master of a Ship.
~4: For the Control of the Ship IS with the Claim by the Chief-Navigator of a VESSEL.
~5 IS with the Control of the VESSEL of the You OR Who?
~6: Television of the VESSEL-Concept IS with the Quantum-Leap & Being-John-Malkovich by the Shows.
~7: Behavior-Study of the Man-Kind IS with the Fear-Motivations & Division by the Government-Fiction.
~8: Gambling of the Volition IS with the Eighty-Five-Percent-Lose & Fifteen-Percent-Win.
~9: Captain of a Ship IS with the VESSEL-Leadership by the Captain.
~10: Volition-Strength of the World IS with the Control by the Claim-Persistence.
~11: IS for the Captain of the Your-VESSEL OR Government?
~12: Power of the Fiction IS with the Fraud of your Family & Money & VESSEL by the Lack of the Knowledge.
~13: Strength of the People-Numbers IS with the Strong-Force-Halt of the Government by the Claims.
~14: Squeaky-Wheel of the Vehicle IS with the Fix by the Person.
~15: Division of the People-VESSELS IS with the Feuds by the Governments.
~16: Feud= For the Hatred, Hostility.
~17: Strength of the Volition IS with the Knowledge, Honor, Dignity, [in]Tegrity, Social-Economics-Joinder.
~18: Govern-Ment= For the Control-Ment= For the Control of the Mind.
~19: Materials= For the Log, Journal, Teeth, Physical-Things with the Postional-Lodial-Phrase-Structure.
~20: Dentures = For the Teeth.
~21: Dent-ure = Tooth-Mingling.
~22: [In-]dent-ure servant= For the Lack-Tooth-Mingling Servant.
~23: [Pre-]si-dent= For the Lack-Simulation-Tooth = For the Lack-Simulation-Tooth.
~24: [Dis-]Closure of the Fraud IS with the Lack by the Solution.
~25: Volition of the Bad-Governments IS with the Song-They-Don’t-Really-Care-[A]bout-Us by the Michael: Jackson.
~26 For the Choice of the Truth & Knowledge IS with the Captain of the Your-Ship.

: Turn on the Positive-Thoughts of the Day, Vacate of the Negative-Mindset.

: Turn on the Positive-Thought of the Day

[Turn on the Positive-Thoughts of the Day and leave behind the Negative Mindset.]

[The Positive Thought of the Day starts with the power of the words you think and speak.

Negat-ive = No-Doing, Ban-Doing.

Words have meaning or Power and what words you use show this:

Are you incredible or Credible?

In-Credible = No/Not-Credible = No-Trust/Heart.

Cred-ible = Trust/Heart-Worthy.

Cred-it = Belief/Trust/Heart-Thing/This.

Be-lief = With-Care = With-Love.

So do those with a heart have a lot to Give or give Credit?  When we use our heart we give Value and Worth coupled with Trust and Love.  Love, Bright Future Outlook, and Trust go hand in Hand.

Positive Thoughts to Ponder on:

Gain positive outlook about life using correct words.

Are we going to Succeed, Exceed, or Proceed forward with our dreams?

Ex-Ceed = No-Yield.

Suc-Ceed = Af-Ter-Ceed = No-Terra-Ceed = No-Earth-Ceed = No-Earth-Yield.

Pro-Ceed = No-Yield.

Get connected with the Earth and gain your living goals.

Get back to nature and see what greater power comes to your thinking and volition.

Be Living, be strong, and control your negative thoughts and build your optimistic thoughts.

Create solutions and move forward from the fluency of the world trying to steer you off course.

SPELL-out Positive Thoughts for your Day.

Words can cast SPELLS. That why we call it spelling.

So, if we can manifest through our words, what we say out loud is crucial.


As the Four Agreements say, Be Impeccable with your Speech.

Now, let’s spell out the scenario.

How are you spelling out our life and manifesting it? Are you spelling out our day with complaints or praises?  Are you thinking and saying your positive thoughts out loud?

Spells can be Magic, a Curse, or a Solution to bringing Peace and a brighter Now and Future.  What Verse are you creating for your world?

Spells = Speak, Preach, Talk, Tell, Story, Saying, Tale, History, Magic.

Spelling = Spell-Now-Time.

Uni-verse= One-Verse= One-transform/translate/convert.


Curse = Swear = Blasphemous.

Cursive= Curse-Doing.

What kind of lifestyle are you creating? 

Are you stopping your positive self with Guilt, Debt or Denial?

Deny = No-Ny = No-No.

Guilt-y =  Debt-Full of a = Failure of a Duty-Full of a.

De-bt= No-Have.

Pro-Mise = Soon/Future-Mise[ry]= Future-Sorrow..

Pro-Misar-y Note = Soon-Misery Note = Soon-Miser-Of Note. Soon-Sorrow-Of Letter/Mark/Sign.

Mise-ry= Wretch/Sorrow- Condition of a.

Best to live in the Now-Time and Space and stop with the negativity in your mind because it can SPELL-OUT-TROUBLES-AND-PROBLEMS for your life.

Live in the positive power of the now.
Be the authority on your thoughts, prayres and actions.

The Bad-guys are really good and casting their negative spells, lets not let them win, when the solution is so simple.

Even when the Villains try to curtail your thoughts, prayers and words, and get you to use cursive blasphemy, just remember that the more your performance is strong the more they will retreat just like they do for the Claimants of the website: & for : Postmaster-General: Russell-Jay: Gould. ]

~0 For the Turn on the Positive-Thought of the Day IS with the Stop of the Negative-Mindset.
~1 For the Power of the Word-Speak & Think IS with the Using by the Person-Manifesting.
~2: Negat-Ive= For the Lack-Doing, Ban-Doing.
~3 IS for the You-Credible or [In]Credible?
~4: In-Credible = For the Lack-Credible = For the Lack-Trust-Heart.
~5: Cred-Ible = For the Trust-Worthy or Heart-Worthy.
~6: Cred-it = For the [Be-]Lief-Thing, Trust-Thing, Heart-Thing.
~7: [Be-]Lief= With the Care = With the Love.
~8 IS for the Person with a Heart of the Giving or Credit?
~9 For the Heart-Person of Trust-Love-Worth-Value IS with the Bright-Future by the Loving-Trust-Giving.
~10 For the Morning-Positive-Thoughts of the Day-Pondering.
~11 IS for the [Suc]Ceed, [Ex]Ceed, or [Pro]Ceed with our Dreams?
~12: [Ex-]Ceed =: Lack-Yield.
~13: [Suc-]Ceed = For the [Af-]Ter-Ceed = For the Lack-Terra-Ceed = For the Lack-Earth-Ceed = For the Lack-Earth-Yield.
~14: [Pro-]Ceed =For the Lack-Yield.
~15 For the Positive-Thoughts of the Solution IS with the Earth-Goals by the Gaining-Sovereign.
~16 For the Nature of the World IS with the Peace-Volition by the Person-Connecting-Higher-Power.
~17 For the Solutions of the Fluence IS with the Trickery-Stop by the Strong-Building-Blocks-Thoughts.
~18 For the Positive-Thought of the Day IS with the Spelling by the Praise.
~19 For the Spelling of the Magic-Peace-Solution IS with the Lack of the the Complaining.
~20: Spells= For the Speak, Preach, Talk, Tell, Story, Saying, Tale, History, Magic.
~21: Spelling = For the Spell-Now-Time.
~22: Uni-Verse = For the One-Verse, Transform, Translate, Convert.
~23: [Re-]Verse = For the [A-]Gain-Verse For the Lack-Gain-Verse.
~24: Curse = For the Swear = For the Blasphemous.
~25: Curs-ive = For the Curse-Doing.
~26 For the Life-Style of our Creation IS with the Lack of the Guilt, Debt or Denial by our Volition.
~27: De-Ny = For the Lack-Ny = For the Lack-Lack.
~28: De-Bt = For the Lack-Having.
~29 For the Living in the Now IS with the Stop by the Making-[Pro-]Mises.
~30: [Pro-]Mise = For the Future-Mise[ry] = For the Future-Sorrow.
~31: [Pro-]Misar-Y-Note = For the Future-Misery-Note = For the Future-Miser Of a Note = Future-Sorrow Of a Letter, Mark, Sign.
~32: Mise-Ry= For the Condition of a Wretch, Sorrow.
~33 For the Now of the Moment IS with the Power By the Lack of the Future-Volition.
~34 For the Authority of the Truth-Stance IS with the Countbility by the Strong-Postmaster.
~35 For the Villains-Weakness of the Cursive-Blasphemy IS with the Knowledge-Performance By the Strong-Postmaster-Volition.
~36 For the Russell-Jay: Gould IS with the Memory-Minder by the Postmaster of the Strong-Volition-Winning.


zombie apocalypse survival guide

[ Postmaster’s Survival Guide to the Fiction-Zombie-Apocalypse. ]
By Sunny-Warrior.

[ 8 Survival Tips for Postmasters during the fiction-Zombie Apocalypse.
As Halloween fast approaches, and the Global-Goblins & Ghouls try to clamp down with their mindless control, we are reminded of a few tips to safeguard ourselves during these crazy times.

Planning for the Fiction Zombie Apocalypse.

This is the first, and most important tip. Fiction-Zombies may try to bite you, jab you with poison, or make you wear a mask. So use caution! If you do get bitten by chance, you could forget your nativity and become a ZOMBIE DEAD-VESSEL again. Your name will even appear in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS just like them!

Most of the zombies you’ll come across don’t have a lot going on upstairs, except the never-ending urge to feed on your negativity. Zombies don’t think for themselves, so, stay sharp & positive in the NOW-SPACE, and keep studying your Postmaster playbook, or like a fiction-zombie, you could lose your ability to think.

To prepare for the first few days of a zombie apocalypse, stock up on canned goods, dehydrated foods, weapons, medicine, outdoor clothing, and fuel. Really, this should be a no-brainer. Only the wise will be able to stay sain & healthy during the Fiction-Zombie Apocalypse. 

If you don’t have your Claim of the Life,
You might want to think about getting a Claim of the Life for your derelict-Vessel and carrying it on you everywhere you go, as well as your passport.  Think of it like having a compass or GPS-tool, with a Claim of the Life you’ll have your ships papers to guide during rougher times & through channels closed to Fiction zombies.  

5. USE YOUR BRAIN: Bomb shelters or locking yourself in your Basement might seem like a good idea at first, but if you’re surrounded by the Fiction zombies who have no brains at all, or the undead Police, you’ll eventually run out of food and have to come out.  Being Paranoid about the world is not really the best move, but staying smart, staying in the Now-Space & using your brains is the way to go. Continue learning Postal-mechanics, watching Chief’s videos, and consider getting a syntax teacher, to help you with your performances, which will further help you navigate your world and avoid the fiction zombie path.


Zombification Etiquette 101: Advice For The Zombie Apocalypse Novice

Novice Wisdom for the Zombie apocalypse survival guide for the Novice Continued. 
Keep good company around you & stay clear of Courts or you could get harvested by the fiction-zombies. Also stay clear of unauthorized grammar teachers parading around like they can lead you, since they may lead you right back into the harvest.  No matter how tempting it is, never split up. There’s strength in numbers. You can join the Postmasters study groups or talk with your Syntax Teacher.  You alone can’t fight off thousands of zombies, so lay low, keep likeminded company and stay out of the limelight.
If you’re really worried about being caught offgaurd by those Pesky Military Zombie Door Knockers, you might want to zombie-proof your house.  Get those Pesky Vassalees from trying to pull you back into the Zombie Fiction just like them. Instead, don’t answer the door to strangers, let amazon or ups drop off packages at the door, make sure you have a deadbolt.

Most important of all (besides not getting bit by the Zombie Fiction), have a back up for everything. Make a copy of your Claim of the life, buy a generator, batteries, ammunition, food, and create escape routes, as well as weapons supplies, vehicles, and more. You have got to be smart out there, and stay ahead of the fiction thinkers.

Remember, the dead don’t sleep. If one of them catches you snoozing on the job unprepared, they will simply add you to their zombie ranks, or turn you into an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Make sure to come back to this Zombie apocalypse survival guide for guidance each time you feel lost.

Good luck out there, and keep your brains where they belong — in your head.  ] 

~0 For the Survival-Guide of the Zombie-Apocalypse IS with the Postmaster by the Knowledge.
~1 For the Stop-Biting of the Birth-Certificate-Zombie-Bug IS with the Knowledge by the Postmaster. For the Lacking-Nativity of the Postmaster IS with the ZOMBIE-VESSEL-NAME by the JOURNALISM-SHOUT-CAPITAL-LETTERS.
~2 For the Lack of a Brain IS with the Zombies by the [Ne]Gativity-Thinking & Performance. For the Sovereign of the Land IS with the Volition-Thinking by the Studying.
~3 For the Stock-Pile of the Food, Weapons, Medicine, Clothing, Fuel IS with the Smart-Survival-Choices by the Postmaster.
~4 For the Claim of the Life IS with the Vessel-Control by the Volition. For the Zombie-Fear of the Water IS with the Lack of the Swimming-[a]Bility-Helm-Master.
~5 For the Paranoia of the World IS with the Bomb-Shelter or Room-Closure by the Postmaster. For the Lack of the Food IS with the Leaving By the Postmaster. For the Strength of the Postmaster IS with the Knowledge by the Syntax-Teacher.
~6 For the Common-Sense of the Postmaster IS with the Learning by the Strong-Study-Group-Foundation.  For the Lack of the Knowledge IS with the Fake-Teachers by the Fraud.
~7 For the Stopping-Vaccine-Door-Knockers of the Military IS with the Zombie-Proof by the Step-Seven-Door-Knocker-Claim.
~8 For the Finishing-Step of the Zombie-Shielding-Plan IS with the Holding-Generators, Batteries, [am]Munition, Food, Route-Plans, Weapons, Stock-Piles, Vehicles by the Postmaster.
~9 For the Luck of the Postmaster IS with the Holding-Brains by the Head-Knowledge.